Bach Dang street Map

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About Bach Dang street

Bach Dang Street is considered as the most beautiful road in Danang City.  This road has been built from a very long time ago since the French colonist was still in this city. That is the reason why Bach Dang Street stills has many old French architecture like Champa Graving Museum and the City Library. Formerly, the road was called “Quai Courbet” which means the riverside road, but in 1956 its name was changed to Bach Dang Street and that name has been remained until today. The road has only one direction that runs along Han Rivers with large sidewalk for the people to witness the magnificent scenery of the river and the city on the other side. Also, from 7 pm every day, the road turns to be a walking street with the appearance of many services and attraction like shopping areas, entertainment areas and traditional culture areas. Therefore the local people and tourist have the chance to enjoy the excitement of Danang City at night, and understand more about the culture of this place. 

Points of Interest near Bach Dang street

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