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Sapa, the famous tourist town in northern mountainous region of Vietnam boasts a fabulous mélange of temperate and subtropical climate. At the altitude of 1,600m, the town enjoys cool climate all year round, with average temperature of 15 degree Celsius.

In the early 20th century, the area was discovered by Europeans, and not long after that, Sapa became hilltop retreat for French colonist thanks to its mild climate and poetic scenery. The French build up railway station, hundreds of villas, and turn the tranquil mountainous area into the Summer Capital of Northern Vietnam.

Here, one can have interesting experience of four seasons in one day: fresh spring in the morning, summer with light sunshine in the noon, cool autumn in the afternoon, and the coldness of winter in the night. Sapa is also one of very few areas in Vietnam where you may watch snow falling in winter. Sometimes, the temperature during winter (December to February) falls to under zero degree Celsius, and many trees in the town are covered in ice. Even in summer (June to August), the weather is moderately cool with day temperature ranging from 20 to 25 degree Celsius, and night temperature from 13 to 15 degree Celsius.

Below is the table of Sapa's weather by month:

Month Average Temperature
(C degree)
January 8 140
February 7 80
March 14 100
April 17 140
May 17 285
June 20 290
July 19 490
August 19 670
September 18 260
October 16 50
November 11 140
December 8 50

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