8 Best Places To Stay in Daklak

Lak Tented Camp

Lak Tented Camp Resort is a beautiful oasis located at 193 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Lien Son, Lak District, Daklak province, only 50km from Buon Me Thuot city center. This place is the ideal destination for nature lovers who love the wild, rustic feeling. That is one reason why it always stays on top of the favorite accommodation for travelers in Daklak.

Lak Tented Camp

As Lak Tented Camp nestled in a small hill surrounded by the water of Lak Lake, to get here, guests have to take a boat after reaching the Lak district center. It is advisable to contact the staff 30 minutes before your arrival to catch up with pick-up transport preparation. Boat riding time will take about 10 minutes from Jun village port.

Lak Tented Camp is a system of 15 wooden tents overlooking the poetic Lak Lake and 4 VIP houses. You can have chances to explore the culture and customs of Central Highland people while admiring the sun casting its shadow on the water surface, and the view is simply breathtaking. In every little detail, the design here received care to retain the ethnic identity while promoting the modern touch, from the flower gardens, the green grass to the spacious stilt houses. The area also has a private bathtub in each room, a traditional restaurant, a bar on the upper floor, and two floating terraces for dining on the lake.

The restaurant here offers a variety of food and of course, the famous Buon Me Thuot cafe. One meal can cost 300.000 to 500.000 per person for a wide range of Central Highlands specialties, except for the free breakfast.

Other than the beautiful lake, Lak Tented Camp also provides outdoor games and activities like cycling or kayaking or simply sipping a glass of cocktail and watching the mighty Chu Yang Sin range changing color. In the evening, the restaurant hosts a Gong performance of M'nong people. This is the only destination in the area with a full performance, and you can also enjoy Can wine with the people. In the middle of the night, just with a lifting of your head, you can see the sky full of stars waiting above.

Queeny's Farmstay

Queeny's Farmstay is an excellent place to stay in Buon Me Thuot for anyone who craves quietness and peace to regain physical and mental health. This farm stay is located at 16 Y Moan Enuol, Buon Me Thuot, in the center of a coffee farm, amidst gardens of roses and mountain ranges. The accommodation is only 3km from Buon Me Thuot city center, about 15 minutes travel by car or motorbike.

Queeny's Farmstay

Queeny is the work of the owner's love and skilled hands. The host is friendly and able to communicate in English with any foreign guests. The interior and facilities are well furnished and carefully selected to provide guests with the most comfortable, homelike atmosphere. In the morning, the wooden House is covered in golden sunlight and the cold mist. What is better than waking up by the sound of nature early in the morning and preparing yourself a healthy breakfast with freshly picked vegetables. You can also taste the bitter flavor of the traditional coffee, and all are on the House. In the evening, the sunset right in front of your door. Sitting on the balcony to enjoy organic tea or a glass of wine and waiting for the sky to wear another coat will give you the most gentle experience in the Central highland.

The accommodation has herb body massages, natural face masks, and nail care for early order guests. Before bed, you can pick herbs directly on the farm and soak them in your bath to create a 100% natural ingredients wellness handmade treatment. On the other hand, Queeny also has a special dinner menu, including Ede grilled chicken with salt, Serepok lentils, barbeque meat with highland spice, and the special Can wine. One downside of this wonderful natural stay is that it only consisted of two houses for four people and kids each. However, the House is ready to provide extra guests with sleeping tents in the garden with full bedding options, but do contact early for better arrangement.

With green scenery and Buon Ma Thuot city's cool weather, Queeny's Farmstay promises a fantastic experience for Daklak visitors.

Kraft's House

Kraft's House is a unique wooden abode nestled deep inside a quiet and steep alley of Buon Me Thuot city. This Airbnb is located at 53/2 Le Hong Phong, Thuong Nhat, Buon Me Thuot. Thanks to the perfect central location, guests only need a few minutes to get to nearby attractions such as the city square, local market, Trung Nguyen coffee shop, and the book coffee street.

Kraft's House 

The House has only one bedroom, one living room, one kitchen, and one bathroom. It resembles a small apartment with full facilities like air conditioning, hairdryer, refrigerator, and work desk. The first floor is the reception area, kitchen, and commonplace. On the second floor of Kraft, the House has a small balcony overlooking the romantic flower garden. The favorite activity of visitors is to watch the birds chirping over the foliage, and the flowers bloom in the morning and at night, peacefully witness the stars. In front of the House is a small courtyard that can throw an evening party or burn firewood on cold days. You can also bring a few bamboo chairs to this yard, sipping a cup of special coffee early at dawn and feeling the wind blow through your hair. Besides, there are plenty of books of different genres for your afternoon entertainment in the upper rooms. Staying at Kraft House is the chance of a lifetime for you to feel the simple life full of nature, sound, and traditional taste of the land of the heat, the sun, and the coffee.

The House can accommodate about ten people per day. Although the quantity is limited, this place's quality is undisputed, and the price is also relatively low compared to the service. Your pet can also accompany you but send a message beforehand to the owners to give you the full requirement.

The couple running this wonderful place is enthusiastic, friendly, and extremely fluent in English. They are 24/7 supportive with attractions' information and direction to food paradise. The accommodation also has a bicycle and motorbike renting service for outsiders. In addition, the host organizes many exploration tours on a daily basis for adventure travelers. The most welcome tour is trekking, cycling, and kayaking to Draynur Fall, Kop village, and upper Dray Sap fall.

If you have the opportunity to come to Buon Me Thuot, do not forget the land has such a peaceful place that always welcomes you.

Cu H'Lam Restaurant and Homestay

Although on the look of it, Cu H'Lam Restaurant and Homestay is not a luxury place, this accommodation still attracts many visitors, especially those who have the heart to explore the local ethnic culinary culture.

Cu H'lam Homestay & Restaurant

Cu H'lam Homestay & Restaurant is a combination model between a restaurant and a homestay built in an Ede-style stilt house in Ea Mau village, Eapok, Cu M'gar, Daklak, about 10km from Buon Me Thuot city. Inside the Ede long stilt house, there are many precious items from the Central Highlands village such as Gong, bamboo baskets, Che, which are collected by the owner to introduce to guests part of her culture. Immerse in this close to nature space, and you will have the most relaxing and comfortable moments after the exploration journey to Daklak mountains and forests. Coming to Cu H'Lam Homestay & Restaurant, you can both enjoy the authentic coffee on the large green yard and feel the life of indigenous people through traditional dishes right at the stilt house, including grilled chicken, small beef intestine, yellow ants cooked snakehead fish, special bitter eggplant soup, Can wine, etc. The most notable thing is that you can also visit the kitchen to witness the unique process of making these Ede ethnic group traditional dishes.

Since the time of operation, the owner and staff constantly expanded facilities for their hotels. In the year 2019, Cu H'Lam coffee farm has opened at the opposite of the homestay, and now there is one more accommodation on construction to meet the rising number of visitors.

Highland House

Highland House is one of the best original accommodations in Daklak, located at 79 Van Tien Dung, Tan An, Buon Ma Thuot, 7km from the airport and within a radius of 3km from Vincom Plaza. Along with the location advantage, the House is famous for its high-quality service and elegant decor at a reasonable price.

The Highland House

Coming to the highland does not mean you will see all stilt houses with leaf roofs. The Highland House is a 200m2 villa, decorated mainly with pastel color, combined with a next door souvenir shop and a vintage coffee shop on the first floor. The upper floor consists of various room types with full amenities, from single hotel-style rooms, double rooms to dorms for a large group of travelers. Besides, Highland House also has a commonplace for guests to exchange travel experiences and make new friends.

The interior is mainly made from wood to create a pleasant and cozy feeling. The staff is enthusiastic and always willing to give you detailed advice on attractions around the city.

To meet the travel needs of guests who want to experience the land themselves, Highland House also provides a motorbike rental service at a fair price. You can rent the one to travel around Buon Me Thuot or other attractions nearby. In conclusion, it is super convenient to stay at Highland House.

Dakruco Hotel

On top of the luxurious accommodation list is Dakruco Hotel. As the first hotel received international standard certification in Daklak, Dakruco is simply one of the best choices for your high-quality trip.

Dakruco Hotel

The hotel is located at 30 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Buon Ma Thuot, right on the city center's primary street. It is only 7 km away from the city airport. You can easily travel to the surrounding sightseeing destination from the hotel, such as the world coffee museum, which displays the best collection of coffee, and the Ea Kao lake, the magnificent nature artwork.

Dakruco includes 144 luxurious rooms with modern amenities, two worldwide cuisine restaurants, one outdoor and one inside the hotel, bar, gym, fitness club, and an extensive swimming system with a smaller pool for kids and a freshwater one to rinse after some rounds. The staff is attentive and professional, and all trained well in the international language. In addition, the hotel also provides a currency exchange service for foreign guests. With 4 star service and facilities, Dakruco Hotel will undoubtedly satisfy you.

For a better view of the city, it is advisable to book a higher up room. The price may be charged higher, but it will result in better service and scenery.

Hai Ba Trung Daklak Hotel

Hai Ba Trung Hotel & Spa is the oldest 5-star hotel located in Buon Me Thuot's heart. You can find the hotel at 8 Hai Ba Trung street, easy to find and easy to park your vehicle.

Hai Ba Trung Daklak Hotel

The hotel is built on a high and enormous area, giving you the chance to stand right in your hotel room and admire the city illuminated at night. The 139 rooms of Hai Ba Trung hotel are equipped with good wifi and a soaking bath to meet international guests' needs. Visitors can also use the huge outdoor infinity swimming pool, fitness and spa center, and many other professional services the hotel has to offer. Laundry services, bicycle rental, or currency exchange are also available for booking travelers.

Staying in Hai Ba Trung Daklak Hotel, you will not have to worry about a single thing. Just sit back and enjoy your resting journey.

Muong Thanh Hotel

Muong Thanh Hotel is another 5-star accommodation in Buon Me Thuot city. Newly built and put into operation in 2017, the hotel is one of Muong Thanh Group branches with excellent international quality.

Muong Thanh

Muong Thanh hotel consists of 233 world-class rooms, an outdoor swimming pool with a panoramic view of the city below, a spa, restaurant, and a coffee store, displaying Buon Me Thuot's best specialty, the mink coffee. The rooms are all spacious and clean, with design concentrated on youth and modernity.

The disadvantage of this hotel is that some rooms are overpriced with some out of date facilities. However, with a long-standing prestigious name in the resort hotel market, this Muong Thanh hotel in Daklak still is an ideal place for you to have an unforgettable vacation.

Tips on Daklak travel

Avoid travel to Daklak during the rainy season from May to November, as the travel routes in Daklak are mostly dirt roads and can be quite slippery to conquer. December, wild sunflower season, and February to March, Central Highland festivals and the coffee flower period, are the two recommended times to visit this land.

You need to book accommodation in advance, especially in the festival season. All the establishments are available for booking on well-known travel platforms.

Renting a motorbike is highly advisable. But if you travel alone or are incapable of riding a motorbike, then the public bus, taxi or even "xe om" (motorbike taxi) are your options.

Bring along sunblock products and a thin jacket as the sunlight in DakLak has a high UV level, and the difference between day and night weather can be significant.

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