Channel: VOV Giao Thong (91MHz)
Schedule: 10 am every Sunday
If there is a survey for radio audiences about which radio show they loved the most in the last 10 years, more than a half of repliers might say that is “Quick and Snow Show”. Startedwith the name “MTV Most Wanted” as a music-gifted programs on VOV3, Quick and Snow today has become a music house where news of domestic and global music are updated with fresh songs from both Vietnamese and international singers. In addition, this is also a romantic place for audiences to share there dreams, their loves as well as reveal their hidden emotion to their beloved one. Although the show has been ceased broadcasting since March 2009, but it was soonly back at the beginning of 2010 with more attractively exciting programs and new schedule on VOV Giao Thong.
One of the most interesting and tempting features of “Quick and Snow Show” is the funny talk between two MCs, Mr Quick (Nguyen Hong Quang) and Ms. Snow (Vu Ngoc Anh). They entertain audiences with extremely laugable discussions and talks that make their audiences laugh all day and get out of their boring Sunday.   

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