Hanoi weather
Hanoi starts to feel the coldness of winter these days. Though the city is expecting a sunny weekend, high wind speed (14km/h) and the temperature from 12-23 Degree Celsius give tourists a chance to taste humid sub-tropical coldness at the beginning of this winter. The weather is perfect for sight-seeing, photo taking and tasting hot street-foods in the late afternoon and night. Visitors are advised to put on a light coat and slim scarf before going out.
Hanoi weather late November
Hanoi Weather Forecast December 2 - December 4 (Source: Google)
Da Nang
The city is anticipated to expect a rainy weekend with the temperature ranging from 19 – 24 Degree Celsius. This year late winter is bringing very first cold days to the north, yet Da Nang is observing cool weekend. Light rain may not support the idea of sunbathing or venturing into the sea, gastronomic tours is highly recommended since Da Nang is known as a paradise of snack. 
Danang Weather late September
Da Nang Weather Forecast December 2 - December 4 (Source: Google)
Ho Chi Minh City
The southern metropolis of Vietnam is expecting a kind of unpleasant weather in Friday and Saturday with heavy cloud, lighting and occasional rains. However, warm sunshine in Sunday seems to be reasonable compensation for bad weather of the two previous days. The temperature that keeps stable about 20 – 30 Degree Celsius in both rainy and sunny days somehow brings pleasant feeling to tourists. Due to high wind speed: 35 km/h, people who intend to explore the city by motorbike is advised to put on a light coat.
Ho Chi Minh City Weather Forecast December 2 - December 4 (Source: Google)
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Vietnam news:
1. Exhibition on Art and Culture of Himalayan is expected to be held at Gallery Module 7 (No.83, XuanDieu Street, Tay Ho District, and Hanoi). This event lasts for 3 days from 1st December to 4th December 2011. Unique and fascinating feature of Himalayan communities is revealed to audiences to admire.
2. Workshop on writing is going to be organized in Hanoi by Bookworm at its cooking center at 44 Chau Long Street, Tay Ho District on Sunday, 11 December 2011. Lecturing on this occasion is the well-known American poet Scott Ezell who has been known with many favored writing masterpieces all over the world.
Attention all believers of beer: this year’s Hanoi Beer Festival is projected to be taken place at Quan Ngua Complex (Van Cao Street) on Sunday, December 2011 from 9am to 4pm. This is the perfect place to express unique culture of beer drinking in Hanoi, as well as to spread a significant message about safe driving. 
3. Danish movie week is taking place at Cinematheque, Hanoi from 2nd to 7th this December. Being broadcasted on this occasion are Danish movies that have won various prizes domestically and internationally for recent years in this country.
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