Hanoi is going through the very first cold days of the winter with temperature ranging from 9 to 18 degree Celsius. High humidity of 68% makes the temperature seemingly colder than it actually is. Besides, wind speed hovering at 13 km/h may prevent some travelers from exploring the city, especially the suburban or distant mountainous areas by motorbike.  Wool clothes, coat, scarf and shoes are good friends these days. For ones who insist still on traveling around by motorbike, winter ear muff, ear-covered trooper hat, and windbreaker are highly recommended.
Hanoi weather forecast December 5 - December 11 (Source: Google)
Da Nang
The coastal city is expecting cloudy and rainy weather for all of the last three days of this week. With temperature in between 18 – 23 degree Celsius, Friday is a little bit warmer than the next two days, which temperature is expected to range from 16 to 21 degree. Frequent rain and high humidity at 73% may yield some uncomfortableness, especially for ones coming from the Mediterranean area or Australia who are more familiar with warm and dry climate. 
Da Nang weather forecast December 5 - December 11 (Source: Google)
Ho Chi Minh City
Due to high humidity (82%), the seemingly ideal weather with stable temperature ranging from 20 to 30 degree Celsius, should feel a bit hotter than it should be. Pleasant weather at the weekend with warm sunshine and cool wind are great compensation for the bad weather of the previous day with heavy rain, lightening and thunder. Travelers are advised to take along umbrella and raincoat in Friday, but able to enjoy perfect weather in the weekend. 
Ho Chi Minh City weather forecast December 5 - December 11 (Source: Google)
Vietnam news
1. Hanoi Opera House to host Christmas concert
A Christmas concert titled “The Christmas Particular” is going to be held at Hanoi Opera House on Monday, December 19th, 2011 to celebrate the up coming festive season. The show features classical music masterpieces by Chopin, Verdi, Mozart performed by famed artists from Vietnam National Academy of Music. This should be a dream Christmas present for classical music lovers in the capital.
2. Miss Earth 2012 back to Vietnam
After the success of Nha Trang 2010, Miss Earth is coming back to Vietnam central coast in 2012. The pageant is scheduled to be held in Ninh Thuan, another charming spectacle of the Earth. According to the organizers, the 2012 event will feature “the best stage of its kind” in the South East Asia.
The biggest guitar gala ever in Ho Chi Minh City is taking place at Ho Chi Minh Conservatory of Music, now ‘till December 18th, 2011. With participation of many famous international guitarists and excellent guitar students in the Conservatory, the gala is a must for any guitar enthusiast. 
Now, travelers from England to Vietnam (and vice versa) can save at least seven hours of transit time thanks to direct flights Hanoi – London, Ho Chi Minh City – London recently launched by Vietnam Airlines. Passengers from Vietnam, who purchase return ticket between November, 2011 and March, 2012 will benefit from the appealing promotion rate of only US$999.
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