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  • The Must See Highlights of Hoi An
    Vietnam, a diverse tropical environment in the Indochinese peninsula, is blessed with awe inspiring landscapes, intriguing culture and ancient history. Hugely popular with travellers, the country offers a warm welcome into the local life and natural beauty of South East Asia, coupled with an exciting insight into famous legends. Amidst dominating mountains and dense forest lies the exciting coastal village of Hoi An. Once a major trading port for international goods, the World Heritage Site, known to the locals as ‘the peaceful meeting place’, is a goldmine for curious visitors, eager to discover its undisturbed history, magnificent culture and grand temples.
  • The 7 best tailors of Hoi An
    Lots of tourists come to Hoi An in the hope of having tailored clothes within such a few days and at very reasonable prices. Since there are nearly 400 cloth shop and tailor shops in this small town, there is a wide assortment for customers of all tastes to select. However, this multitude of shops also results in the fact that most tourists find themselves overwhelmed when finding the best tailors amongst these.