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About us

VietnamOnline.Com is an informational gateway for travelers, especially those who want to get to know more and deeper about Vietnam.

How it all began

From a dream of a high school student to make her charming motherland known to the world, the idea of VietnamOnline was born from her own hands-on experience after days of meandering through Vietnam with her freshly made backpacker friends through travel network such as Couch Surfing and Trip Advisor. Going through many ups and downs, finally, a brand new version of VietnamOnline, the brainchild of not one but many passionate young travelers, was officially brought into use on October 10th, 2010, an important historical epoch when Hanoi celebrated its 1000 years birthday. The website has seen steady progress ever since.

Our objectives

A comprehensive knowledge, a few dollars in your pocket, a passion for discovery and a sense of adventure are all that you need for a trip of your lifetime to the most charming land in the world. VietnamOnline, as the most resourceful and comprehensive information website about Vietnam, aims to constitute a part of your luggage, and knowledge, before and during your travel to Vietnam. Yet, our ultimate goal is to provide objective, diverse and systematic information on a variety of topics that serves not only international audience who would like to visit Vietnam but also those who have intention to settle down, do business or simply know more about the country.  

With VietnamOnline you will enjoy: 

1 - Detailed and frequently updated travel guides to various Vietnam’s destination; with peer-reviews for restaurants and accommodation facilities.
2 - Insight and valuable advices about Vietnamese history, culture and etiquettes to make you a responsible and informed traveler
3 - User-friendly website functions to help you prepare for your trip such as planning your arrival, calculating your budget; searching for jobs and learning some basic Vietnamese;
4 - Interactive features that encourage global travelers to share their hands-on experience and knowledge about travelling to Vietnam
5 - Information about trade opportunities and various kinds of business in Vietnam as well as other specific information as requested
6 - Insider tips and advice for expats to adapt to Vietnamese daily life and integrate into Vietnamese community.

Our information, opinions, and reviews were collected over an extended period of time long before the launch date, continue to be updated on a frequently basis, and will further accrue in the foreseeable future. With our whole hearted efforts, we also hope that VietnamOnline soon acts as the most significant network of those who already fall in love with the peaceful country and who would certainly have interest in it in the coming future.  

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