Vietnam now boasts Timeless Charm as new slogan

After the dismissal of the previous “A different Orient”, with little time left on the 2011 calendar, it seems that Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has finally decided on its new slogan for the period 2012-2015. The decision was made final on December 27th, and the new logo and slogan would then be used throughout any promotion or campaign in this four-year term. 

The new logo features a lotus, the iconic flower of the country, which has five distinctively colored petals. Its early bloom state is meant to symbolize both outreach to the outside world and a prime time for the industry. Each of the five colors carries its own subliminal message, with sea tourism, ecotourism, adventure, history and culture tourism, and finally the warm hospitality of the Vietnamese people. 
The timeless beauty of Vietnam
The slogan carries over the charm from previous “A hidden charm”, which some argue over the last couple years have taken hold onto the mind of some international travelers, and “timeless” is meant to speak of the long possibilities for enjoyment in the country.
Drawing experience from the public backfire that dooms “A different Orient”, officials have decided to withhold the new logo from public opinion this time and only announced its final selection 4 days prior to the New Year.
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