Vietnam funeral music on stage for the first time

Le Minh Son’s fans are sure in for another wild ride, since the strong-personality artist has recently announced his new show will feature a 17-minute live performance with musical instruments of funeral trumpets and big drums. The show is scheduled on Oct 28th -29th at the Hanoi Opera House.

According to the host, no instruments are as familiar to Vietnamese as funeral trumpets and the music composed for this instrument is powerful and able to wake life, thus marks the beginning, not the end of life. It is still rather early to speculate how the audience will respond to this new stage genre but the man is really taking risks to bring forth this unusual idea as funeral music is usually considered as bad luck. Children are scared of hearing it and adults are often not comfortable with it either.

However, exotic things are Le Minh Son’s trade. The 36 year old artist has an unusual taste for music that is a far spin from the ordinary and so unique that most people will instantly recognize upon hearing his songs. The man once famously said “ I speak my heart’s language through my music”. Over his 25 years career with music, after 11 albums and 7 live shows, Le Minh Son has deservingly gained his fame.

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