More historical relics of Hue listed as national treasures

According an official source from Hue City, three antiquity groups located in the central area of this city have just been listed as national treasures on February 7th.

One of these artifacts is the nine cannons at The Nhon and Quang Duc Gate of Hue Imperial City, which was created during Nguyen Dynasty in 19th Century, named after four seasons and five elements: metal, water, fire, earth, wood. The others are the nine urns which were casted from 1835 to 1837 by Nguyen Dynasty, and the great bell of Thien Mu Pagoda that is regarded as a property of Thuan Hoa Buddhism. 
This is truly good news to archeology of Hue City. More budgets are expected to be invested in conserving these artifacts in particular and antiquities in Hue City in general. Also, this decision demonstrates the concern of the Vietnam’s government on protecting valuable historical relics. 
Documentary image of  the 9 cannons at Hue Imperial City
Hue City is one of rare places in Vietnam that has preserved various historical value of the past with numerous relics and sites. Some of these historical treasures that cannot be missed out are Imperial City, Thien Mu Pagoda, King Khai Dinh Tomb and King Tu Duc Tomb.
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