Ho Chi Minh City to display fireworks at 6 locations at Lunar New Year Eve

Ho Chi Minh City is preparing for displaying fireworks at six major locations inside the city on the Eve of Tet 2012. Projected time for the fireworks is from 00:00 am to 00:15 am on 22nd January 2012 (29th December in Lunar calendar). 

Among the 6 places, the entrance side of Thu Thiem Tunnel to District 2 and Go Vap Cultural Park are chosen to be the two main locations for principle fireworks shooting. Other locations include Ben Duoc Memorial Temple (Cu Chi District), National Culture and History Park (District 9), Can Gio District Football Ground and Dam Sen Cultural Park (District 11).
Fireworks display is one of the most expected show on the Eve of Tet
In order to facilitate people in Ho Chi Minh City and others in the nearby areas to appreciate the fireworks, television stations such as VTV and HTV are broadcasting the show lively on their channel’s system.
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