Free Wi-fi installed in Hoi An Town

According to information from Vietnam Data Communication Company Zone 3 (VDC3), at the beginning time of this year, the company has just initiated its project to provide free Wi-fi Internet in Hoi An (Quang Nam Province). The project is funded by Quang Nam authority and monitored by the province’s Information and Communication Department.

VDC3 plans to install Wi-fi access at 350 locations around Hoi An, where local people and travelers are crowded. At present, the company has finished setting up 40 access points at Minh An, Son Phong and Cam Pho Ward. 
New Wifi system enables travellers and local resident using application of Internet everywhere around the town
The project is hoped to be finished within the first quarter of 2012 with Wi-fi connection available almost everywhere in Hoi An. The success of this project means more convenience to local people, tourists and at the same time helping promote Hoi An tourism to international market.
This is also an evidence of the effort from Vietnam’s government to lift tourism industry to a new level. If the project carried out successfully in Hoi An, it will be conducted in other well-known destinations all over the country such as Ha Long Bay and Vung Tau
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