First forest festival is expected to be hold in Dong Nai in 2013

Information from Dong Nai provincial authority says that the first forest festival is expected to be held in Vietnam in 2013. The event proposal and program have been approved by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

This forest festival is proposed to last for 3 to 4 days with main content focused on countless value of Vietnam’s forest, as well as ancient lives of people inside primary forest zone. A significant message of preserving forests and benefit from them is spread to all participants via numerous activities such as mountain climbing, sport competitions or camping.

The information also indicates that this first festival is held in three locations in Dong Nai, including one place inside Dong Nai’s World Biosphere Reserves Zone and another in Sac forest at Nhon Trach district. Tropical Vietnam has a diverse and large area of forest with 13,118,800ha, which covers 38.7% of Vietnam’s land area. These forests are habitants of various animals and plants, including many rare and nearly-extinct creatures, which contain high value in both science and economy.

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