Conference about “Dong Dao” to hold at L’Espace Hanoi

A conference on Vietnamese traditional singing style of Children (otherwise known as “Dong Dao”) is taking place at L’Espace Hanoi (24 TrangTien Street), on Saturday, December 20th 2011. The event starts from 9am at grand meeting room of L’Espace Center, and is held in Vietnamese, in association with Alpha Books.

Lecturing on the conference are educational doctor Nguyen Thuy Anh and poet Nha Thuyen, who are going to share their knowledge of the specialty in words, images and written material of “Dong Dao” to audience. Also, finding methods to evoke creativity in children’ minds through “Dong Dao” is another topic to discuss on this conference. 
Talented Poet Nha Thuyen - One of the two speakers attending in the conference
Doctor Nguyen Thuy Anh is an expert in teaching and communicating to children and has done numerous researches on this area, while Nha Thuyen is an enthusiastic and talented poet, who loves traditional art and “Dong Dao” in particular.
“Dong Dao” is a kind of traditional singing style appeared in many places, especially Asia countries like Vietnam, China, Korea and Japan. This type is distinguished to other styles with its unique rhythm and tones, words and lyrics, and the most attractive feature of this singing style is its spontaneity because of the random pattern of children verses from their routine activities and playing.   
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