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Experience the very best parts of Vietnam in only 2 weeks. Enjoy the plain, albeit hard to be recognized, beauty of many Vietnamese places, from ancient Hoi An, attractive Hanoi to charming Hue and peaceful Can Tho.

Let’s start from the North of Vietnam. Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ha Long Bay, Sapa and other Vietnamese northern provinces are at their most unique when the time comes to the end of year – from November to February.

Glorious sun often prematurely descends giving way to early dark so that the weather may be quite cold and sometimes even bitterly cold due to the some sudden rainfall. An in-advance preparation of warm clothing, jackets may be needed.

Come to those destination at the end of January and beginning of February, one may have once-in-a-lifetime chance to immerse in Vietnam’s most culturally important festival – Tet Holiday, appreciating the local tradition and way of life. However, tourists still can visit those places in other time period, there will be fantastic swimming and kayaking in Ha Long Bay for summer and a fresh sensation of blackboard tree’s unique perfume when the autumn comes by Hanoi.

Move on to the central part of the country. The tourist attractions here includes Hoi An, NhaTrang, Hue and Da Nang.Abundant rainfall and downpour from September through December may be the only factor staving tourists off visiting the central region.

However, the situations are not that serious, the sky will still be blue and high, birds still singing, and the sun still warmly welcoming. Even in the worst case in which flooding is happening in the area, one visits the central at this time will find the experience adventurous and uncanny.

Here we go to the southern part. There are only two seasons in southern Vietnam: rainy season starts from May to the end of October, dry season starts from November to April. People call it the rainy season because it rains quite a lot during the season.

Nevertheless, one unique thing is that the rain only lasts for a short amount of time and do not last for long. In general, the weather is quite hot and humid yet getting cooler when night falls and it will not prevent you from enjoying your sightseeing.

Departing from:
Temperature: °F | °C
Month Average Low Average High Average Precipitation Record Low Record High
January 13.00° 22.00° 0.68 mm 6.00° 26.00°
February 15.00° 19.00° 1.00 mm 9.00° 28.00°
March 18.00° 22.00° 1.48 mm 13.00° 30.00°
April 22.00° 27.00° 3.03 mm 19.00° 32.00°
May 25.00° 32.00° 5.90 mm 20.00° 39.00°
June 26.00° 34.00° 7.63 mm 24.00° 38.00°
July 26.00° 33.00° 8.23 mm 23.00° 36.00°
August 26.00° 32.00° 9.55 mm 24.00° 37.00°
September 25.00° 33.00° 8.37 mm 23.00° 34.00°
October 23.00° 31.00° 4.71 mm 20.00° 34.00°
November 20.00° 26.00° 1.53 mm 16.00° 32.00°
December 14.00° 20.00° 0.45 mm 9.00° 24.00°
January 439.4°F 743.6°F 0.68 mm 202.8°F 878.8°F
February 507°F 642.2°F 1.00 mm 304.2°F 946.4°F
March 608.4°F 743.6°F 1.48 mm 439.4°F 1014°F
April 743.6°F 912.6°F 3.03 mm 642.2°F 1081.6°F
May 845°F 1081.6°F 5.90 mm 676°F 1318.2°F
June 878.8°F 1149.2°F 7.63 mm 811.2°F 1284.4°F
July 878.8°F 1115.4°F 8.23 mm 777.4°F 1216.8°F
August 878.8°F 1081.6°F 9.55 mm 811.2°F 1250.6°F
September 845°F 1115.4°F 8.37 mm 777.4°F 1149.2°F
October 777.4°F 1047.8°F 4.71 mm 676°F 1149.2°F
November 676°F 878.8°F 1.53 mm 540.8°F 1081.6°F
December 473.2°F 676°F 0.45 mm 304.2°F 811.2°F

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