Ho Chi Minh City Airport Cafes and Restaurants

Unlike its counterpart in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City airport offers a broader range of dining choice from coffee shops to fast food restaurants, especially in the newly built international terminal. When passengers arrive at Tan Son Nhat Airport and need something to satisfy their hunger or thirst, they have much to choose from. Those who only want snack or light meal can enter various food stalls and courts in different areas inside the airport to select packaged food like snack, cookies or sausages. Or if they like some traditional flavour, there is one Kinh Do kiosk and another Phaner bakery kiosk at international terminals for passengers to visit.

Kinh Do Bakery for the sweet tooth

For passengers who prefer larger meals with adequate energy, there are many other bigger food stalls and restaurants inside tho fulfil their requirement. Skynet restaurant at internationals terminals could be an ideal choice. The restaurant offers diverse dishes from not only Vietnam’s cuisine but also international foods to cater to different tastes. And coffee at this place is also worth trying. Fast-food lovers, especially children, should visit KFC branch inside the airport for their favourite chicken dishes and enjoy irresistible flavour remaining on their fingers.


KFC is available at Tan Son Nhat Airport

Passengers who value a tranquil atmosphere and sip a hot coffee or chocolate, Trung Nguyen Coffee shop at Tan Son Nhat Airport should be a perfect location. Like other Trung Nguyen branch in town, the coffee shop here serves guests delicious beverage, especially coffee and related drinks, which might cause passengers to be late for their flights because of enjoying their drinks until the last drop.

Trung Nguyen Coffee

Get your final coffee dropped at Trung Nguyen Coffee Shop 

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