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Food on Air France flights

Air France Airlines is said to have good service with the friendly and dedicated staff. Attendants are smiling while helping passengers out. About the meal service, Air France Airlines has various options for business class all of which are exquisite food. Air France has a big advantage in French styled- food, such as: cheese and wine. Lots of passengers like goat cheese best. Others give compliments on tasty salmon, tender beef and veal. Besides, Air France Airlines has excellent vegetarian food.

Air France Meal

Air France meal - Photo by Noodlepie

However, Air France Airlines has some remaining weak points. Food portions, sometimes, are too small to feed passengers. Some still feel hungry after a meal. Besides, people do not have various options for snacks, just biscuits and coffee. Bread is a little bit oily and tough. Last but not least, for the same service and food quality, some claim that they would have been charged less if they chose another airlines instead of Air France Airlines.

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