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Some people said that the fastest way to approach a country’s culture is to try out its gastronomy. Most well-known for their diversely and deliciously healthy, Vietnamese cuisines are the harmonious combination of unique ingredients, including various herbs or spices, elaborate skills of the cook, and especially, the heart of Vietnamese traditional beliefs. Let’s join us on a brief tour around the world of Vietnam’s food culture!

1. Firstly, we will give you the big picture Vietnamese food, the history as well as typical characteristics:

2. Fun facts and exciting records of Vietnamese cuisines

3. Nutrition information of Vietnamese food in general

4. If you are afraid of trying exotic food, back up yourself with Vietnam’s food safety condition and eating tips:

5. Curious to know how Vietnamese cook these delicious dishes or how they use herbs and spices? Find out more at:

Use of rice

Use of spice

Vietnamese herbs

Popular vegetables in Vietnam

6. One distinctive feature of Asian’s gastronomy is to use chopstick when eating, and you are also expected to get used to the chopstick culture when visiting Vietnam

7. Vietnamese’s dining etiquettes and their eating habit is also an interesting field to discover

8. Street food is a must-try for every tourist! Be ready to enjoy the taste of Vietnam with hundreds kinds of yummy food at a very reasonable price:

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9. How about a glass of local wine? Everything you need to know about drinking in Vietnam

Beer drinking culture: Also blogs on Drinking Bia Hoi 

Other kinds of drinks for budget travellers

Popular drinks in Ho Chi Minh City

10. If you are interested in studying how to cook Vietnamese food, here is your piece of information:

Hanoi cooking class

Hue cooking class

Ho Chi Minh City cooking class

11. Nowadays, some tourism agencies even organizes tours to discover Vietnamese gastronomy. You can do it yourself too!

12. List of must-try food when first coming to Vietnam:

13. If you are a vegetarian, do not worry! There are many delicious vegetarian food and even vegetarian restaurants available:

Popular tradition vegetarian food

Vegetarian restaurants

Vegetarian travel information

Gluten free meals

14. International fast food chain restaurants are also available in big cities

Also Western-style restaurants in Hue

15. Moreover, in Vietnam’s food page, there is information about food’s recipes and restaurants’ review. Food is categorized according to ingredients, cooking methods and locations, while restaurants can be found by names of cities and provinces. 

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