Shrimp meat ball and mushroom soup (Canh mọc tôm nấu nấm)

Shrimp meat ball and mushroom soup (Canh mọc tôm nấu nấm)


Fresh prawn is best for the dish. If you cannot find it fresh, defrost your frozen one finely. Other ingredients include green onion, mushroom, salt and pepper and of course, fish sauce.


Prawn shell is removed and cooked with grilled onion and ginger for several minutes. This kept the broth of the shrimp in with the soup. Bring to a boil and discard the shell but keep the liquid. Prawn is milled and mixed with finely chopped onions. Add fish sauce, pepper, sugar and salt. If the mixture is not sticky enough, add 1 egg York to hold them together and roll it into small bolls. Boil the liquid, add more water as well as mushroom. The balls are boiled until floating, which indicates that it has been cooked. At the end, add dill and green onion to get richer flavour. This kind of “canh” also should be served when it is still hot.

Not popular, so order in advance is advised at any restaurants.

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