Non Rice

Non Rice

Non Rice is a dish made by the Muong ethnic group in My Luong. When the rice trees have just got ripe, they cut bigger ones and boil them before drying and grinding.

To cook the dish, Muong people collect ginger leaves or galingale leaves. They wash the leaves and then grind them to get the inside fluid which is then poured into the raw rice. Another way, which might be considered better, is to boil the ginger and galingale fluid first (with some more water). When the liquid is boiled, they can add the rice and continue to boil in 2 minutes. When the rice is cooked, it will have a bluish color. Muong people usually wrap the cooked Non Rice in Dong Leaves and press each piece of rice into a square shape. When eating, we can feel the sweet taste of newly gathered rice blending with the taste of ginger and galingale to create a strangely attractive flavor.

Despite the shape of the small pieces of rice, people do not call this dish a cake but rather they name it simply as Non rice. This is an inevitable cuisine of the Muong ethnic group in the annual festivals. According to their belief, after the harvest, the new rice must be worshiped before people can eat them. Otherwise, the next harvest will be a total failure.

Found in most restaurants in Vietnam

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