Canh Rau Ngot

Canh Rau Ngot


For required ingredients, we need seasoning including pepper, salt, gourmet powder, sugar  and oil. In addition, we prepare mashed garlic, ground pork and “ rau ngót”. Rau ngót” is punk off to get green leaves, washed carefully in fresh water, kept dry and then crushed up that will create richer sweetness for this dish.


In cooking stage, we heat oil and stir fry mashed garlic in a pot and then add ground pork beef to stir for five minute. After that, we add water into the pot, boil and add “ rau ngót” , then cook for 6 minutes. While cooking, we dust “canh” with salt and pepper. As Canh boils with bubbles we turn the fire off and dust with pepper.This type of Canh is best served luke warm with steamed rice.

Popular food, available at any restaurants.

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