Hanoi weather in January

January is no doubt the coldest month of the year when its strong freezing wind discourages people from morning exercise sessions and ice-tea nights.  In opposite, the city seems to have its busiest days of the year and streets are more crowded than usual during working hours when people are in rush to complete all the remaining works and prepare for Tet holiday. However, the climate condition like this enable visitors to enjoy the tasty hot food of Hanoi such as noodle, hot pot and roasted dishes.  

With its average temperature raging from 14-21oC, it should be fine if you come from Europe and familiar with freezing subzero degree and snowy climate at the same time in your native country. However, don’t be fooled by the temperature range because winter here is much more chilling with high humidity at 70%. Lowest temperature in a day measured during night may be below 10oC while one can barely see sunny days. Even with the sun it can be freezing cold! If thin coats don’t take too much space in your suitcase, why not bring one with you to avoid catching cold that may hinder your routine!

  December January February
Average high 22 C degree 19 C degree 21 C degree
Average low 15 C degree 13 C degree 14C degree
Humidity 67% 68% 70%
Precipitation 14 mm 21 mm 28 mm
Rainy days 2 days 2 days 3 days

Travel Tips for Hanoi in January

Hanoi doesn’t have many special events to see in January except for the best time to enjoy its wide range of hot dishes in the evening and walking tour around the city or within its Old Quarter. However, Tet may also starts as early 19th January (but not so frequent like beginning of February) which creates a bustling and festive climate in the whole city. As a result, prices might increase and certain shops and attractions might be closed during the holiday, so tourists are advised to plan their travel accordingly.

Hanoi weather is quite nice to visit in January, especially for ones who are interested in exciting atmosphere in crowded streets. Tourists are recommended to look at Lunar Calendar to see when Vietnamese Tet take place to delay your trip to the end of January or beginning of February to enjoy the best of Hanoi and surrounding areas with numerous special festivals.

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