Can Gio - Ecological Tour

Can Gio is now more and more popular for an ideal one day ecological tour. Located in a Southeast suburb of Ho Chi Minh City center, it takes approximately 1.5 hours to get there. A package tour is recommended because public transportation to and from Can Gio might not be a good idea for foreigners.  If Ho Chi Minh city center is always crowd and exciting, Can Gio is more quiet and relaxing with lots of natural landscapes. On a small boat along a tiny canal , you can enjoy the fresh air and the cool atmosphere from the trees’ shadows.

photo by Flickr under Creative Commons terms.

Arriving at Vam Sat Ecological tourist center, you will have a chance to let your body float in a lake like the Dead Sea in Jordan. Besides, if you want to show your braveness, you can try feeding crocodiles with a rod on a secured boat! Another tourist attraction in Can Gio is the Monkey Island. You must be startled at the number of monkey once you get there. Watch out your belongings or else the funny naughty monkeys might take them! Can Gio is also famous for its seafood at cheap price. You should try the fresh crabs, snowy crabs, shells and shrimps there! It will be a good time hanging out with your friends in a natural landscape with great seafood!