Pottery exhibition in CầnThơ province

Vietnamese Pottery exhibition with various pottery products from many regions all over Vietnam is taking place at Can Tho Museum, starting from 27th December 2011 to 16th April 2012. 

The expo exhibits about 200 materials and products from huge collection of two members of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Association Vo Minh Man and Tran Quoc Doan. These exhibits are from different pottery villages in Vietnam from North to South such as Bat Trang, Bien Hoa and Lai Thieu. 
Pottery creation in famous pottery village Bat Trang
The exhibition focuses on pottery in traditional architecture, beliefs and religion, as well as in- house decoration and furniture of Vietnamese from the past to the present. This theme reflects Vietnam’s pottery culture and its history through thousand years of history.
Vietnam potter first appeared about 8,000 years ago with very simple design as well as limited function but soon became popular, developing from daily using things to decorating material and housing furniture. This led to the creation of numerous pottery villages in Vietnam, stretching from the North to the South, and a considerable number of them are still producing pottery day-by-day to preserve this traditional industry of Vietnam.
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